Frock Paper Scissors | Fashion Editorial

Street Roamers | Brisbane Fashion Photography


I was recently approached by Frock Paper Scissors magazine to photograph an editorial for their latest issue. Frock Paper Scissors is a Brisbane fashion magazine produced annually by QUT students and 2016 is it's 11th year.

Involved in the shoot was a full creative team of amazingly talented people:
Concept/Stylist: Naomi Cao
Model: Amber Bartlett, Vivien's Model Management
Hair Stylist: Scott Dearlove
Makeup Artist: Kat McAndrew

Street Roamers redefines the meaning of street-wear in a modern era, where fashion is manipulated and photographs are constructed to fit the “look” of the moment. Contrasting Bill Cunningham’s work of real people in a real world, this photo shoot showcases the evolution of fashion photography and the new definition of the “it-girl”.