Mackenzie Fordham, Part One | Model Portfolio

Fortitude Valley | Brisbane Fashion Photography

Deciding on the perfect location for your model portfolio shoot can be tough. Especially when you're just starting out and you want to build a portfolio that showcases a nice variety of backdrops and styles: edgy, feminine, casual, swimwear etc. I've found the biggest nail biter to be choosing between a beach and an urban location.

Mackenzie had this exact dilemma and decided to book two separate photoshoots: one within Brisbane and one at the beach in Noosa (where she lives). Not only did this allow us to photograph in two completely different settings, it gave us two opportunities to work in the beautiful, soft afternoon light. With the two shoots booked several weeks apart, it also meant Mackenzie could review her proof images from the first shoot... fantastic insight for planning outfits and improving her skills in the second shoot.

Here is part one of our adventure which features an adorable retro ice cream parlour, a stylish black brick wall with a pink neon sign, a white brick wall overgrown with vines and a beautiful pastel green and orange house.

Enjoy! x

Gypsy Stone | Social Media Campaigns

Lizz Pennings | Sunshine Coast Fashion Photography


Over the past few years I have had the great honour of photographing the amazing Lizz Pennings of Gypsy Stone. If you're not familiar with Lizz, what's wrong with you!? Haha jk, but seriously, go and follow her Instagram - you won't regret it! Lizz is an Influencer, Creative Director, Photographer & Stylist of all things fashion, lifestyle, food and beauty.

There's no better way to describe Lizz than that of her Ministry of Talent profile - "Combining her love for music, vintage, street wear, beach shack island luxe, anything cool, beautiful, edgy and a killer sneaker collection, Lizz wears what she wants, how she wants and inspires her loyal following to do just the same."

To date, we have created stunning social media campaigns showcasing products and services from incredible companies including: General Pants Co, Stussy Australia, Vans, Hirigoyen, Friday Fox, Toni May, Windsor Smith, Style Hub, One Teaspoon, Gold Ordon, The People Vs, The Unlovables, Valley Eyewear, Insight, Shop Midnight Rider, Levi's, Shhsilk, Indie and Harper, Krystal Knight Jewellery, Hunter Gatherer Jewellery, Wolftress Pack, The Wndrr, Adidas, Rolla's Jeans, Edwards and Co and many, many more!

Here are just a handful of kick-ass images from over the years, enjoy! xx