Commercial Fashion Rates


Stacey is a Brisbane based photographer specialising in natural light photography for both emerging and established fashion brands. Her work is vibrant, colourful, atmospheric and on-trend. With masterful use of natural light on location and a candid approach to photographing models, her mix of edgy and feminine imagery creates a sense of nostalgia which resonates with the viewer and encompasses the youthful brands she works with.

To assist with managing expectations, Stacey recommends budgeting at least $1900 for a half-day production that requires 20 campaign images (or 60 ecommerce images). For a more accurate quote, please email a detailed brief for your next project.

Please note that the provided quote will cover photography services only. It is recommended that you source and organise the creative team (models and hair/makeup/wardrobe stylists), the location and any required catering or props as this will be most economical for you. Stacey can provide you with contacts if you require some help.