Commercial Fashion Rates


To assist with managing expectations, Stacey recommends budgeting at least $3500 for a half-day project (roughly $1500 for photography and $2000 for your creative team) to work with experienced industry professionals.

If working within a tight budget it is recommended that you source/organise the creative team (models, hair, makeup, stylist), location and catering to save being billed for the time associated with this. Stacey can provide you with contacts if you require some help.

Contact Stacey today with a detailed brief to receive a quote. The main information required to provide an accurate quote is listed below with a couple of examples to better explain. 

  1. Purpose and Style
    • "My online boutique fashion store requires fun + feminine styled product shots for it's Spring Collection, plus campaign shots to use for website banners and social media."
  2. Detailed Shot List 
    • "The collection consists of 14 stand-alone outfits (dresses, two pieces, playsuits etc.) and 6 individual items (tops/bottoms) that can be paired together to create a total of 17 looks for photographing. Each look requires 4 images (a full length front, back and side product shot, plus a single campaign image) totalling 68 final images."
  3. Location and Catering
    • "I will be hiring a holiday villa in Byron Bay for the shoot and have organised a fruit platter and other refreshments."
    • "I require a location to be sourced within Brisbane for the shoot. I also require catering to be sourced."
  4. Creative Team
    • "I will be organising two models, a stylist and a hair/makeup artist for the shoot."
    • "I require a creative team to be sourced: one model, a hair/makeup artist and a stylist."